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Art like investment



First edition 

Art like investment 

All news to buy Art with intelligent and safe way

The Summit Art like investment brought together the most outstanding art's speakers on December 8, 2017 at the Centro University in Mexico City. He clarified all doubts about how to buy art in an intelligent and safe way.


Pieces of art are an asset class such as real estate, shares on the stock exchange etc ... They remain an interesting financial investment in the terms of asset diversification in the case of being advised by a specialist.

There are more and more people who are open to develop their investment portfolio with art. Market offers a range of possibilities to help them see clearly in the murky waters of the artistic offer. But before investing, you have to be clear about what you are looking for. Art is in the first place a passion and a pleasure for those who own it or who produce it. How to make your artistic assets become something beneficial in fiscal and social terms? What are the first steps to follow in order to make a good investment?

97% of art collectors confess that the 1st motivation of purchase is for an emotional aspect, while 49% mention being strongly driven by the return on investment.



Nicolas Montecchi Palazzi
Mexican Modern Art Collector
jennifer Andreu
Interior decorator and gallerist
Mauricio Maillé
Director of Visual Arts, Televisa Fundation
Isaura Ruiz
Director AXA Mexico Collection
Eduardo López Morton
Auctioneer in Auction Morton
José Luis Hernandez Bañuelos
Architect and collector
Michel Blancsubé
Independent curator, ex member of the Jumex Foundation
Sofía Sáenz de Santa María Aranzabal
Art Director Proyecto H/Galería Hispánica
Consuelo Gaytan
Art Project Manager
Francisco Soriano
Master in university UNAM
Ana Garza Casas
Art Director Artillery Gallery
Atenas Beltran Uriz
Art Director LTB ART/ OBRA NEGRA Gallery
Paul Achar
SOMAAP association director
Alejandra Zermeño
Sculptor artist
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Analysts will analyze the Art market in Mexico

December 04, 2017

Artists, collectors, critics, academics and art experts will meet at the First Current Market Art Colloquium in Mexico to raise and discuss collecting from a new financial and social perspective. 05 December 2017

RMX Radio

December 04, 2017

Interview buy Rival, he talks about Christelle Inacio about the Summit Art like Investment.

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